“Make it happen today. . . Frank”

I recently stood at the place where the Wright Brothers flew their first airplane. I was reminded that “History shows that egg laying and egg hatching are often performed by different players.” (Taken from: Blue Ocean Shift by Kim and Mauborgne, 2017). The previous month on the opposite coast, I had toured the gigantic Boeing factory.

I completed my Masters in Business Administration with Boeing leaders studying:

operations management, marketing strategy, finance, economics, data analysis, economic development, project management, and professional leadership (to name a few).

Prior to receiving my MBA, I had worked about 15 years in marketing and communications, as well as leading and directing my own illusion magic show. I was able to leverage key stakeholders and empower and motivate individual talents within the organizations. My knowledge of information technology, familiarity with the digital world and data analysis skills helped us exceed our measurable goals.

I understand systems thinking, which is why standing on the field where the Wright Brothers took turns flying to reach their goals moved me. The wind, the sand for softly landing, the encouragement from seagulls flying above, their experience in bicycle shop engineering which gave them the fundamentals for building the structure of the first airplane wings and engine culminated in this technology we have today. Boeing took the technology and built on it to “hatch the golden egg.” Opportunity is all around us and we live in an amazing time where we too can lay or hatch golden eggs, if we channel our passion and build on our mechanisms for success.

I am interested in passionate people who want to hatch golden eggs!